Just a few months into their relationship, it was clear to both Brian and Teri that this one was unlike any they had been in before.  Their time together felt easy and natural, and their mutual love and respect made a life together seem like the obvious right choice.  They began discussing the possibility of marriage, and soon Brian was steeped in the world of gemology and engagement rings.  He asked Teri’s dad for permission over dinner at Austin’s Kerbey Lane Cafe.

It was a beautiful day on October 2nd when Brian drove Teri to the Zilker Botanical Garden in the heart of Austin.  After studying an array of herbs and walking among some of the habitats, they arrived at a bucolic waterfall somewhat isolated from the meandering visitors.  Brian suggested it was a nice place to take some pictures and set up the tripod.  After the first one, he returned to the camera to reset the timer for a second shot.  While distracting Teri with the action of attaching a camera lens hood, Brian nonchalantly picked up a small red box he had in his camera bag.  Starting the timer, he returned to Teri’s side but then knelt down on one knee as the camera snapped the picture (above).  He proceeded to ask Teri to marry him, and she said yes!

One Response to Proposal

  1. Colette Custer says:

    How clever of Brian. We might have to watch out for this one. It seems surprises are his talent.