Teri & Brian both attended Texas A&M in 2004 and 2005, but didn’t actually meet for another 5 years.  Teri was by that time the Director of Children’s Ministry at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church in Decatur, Alabama, and Brian was working as a software engineer at National Instruments in Austin, Texas.  In December of 2009, Teri visited Austin after being called to transfer to Redeemer Lutheran Church (in Austin).  The Sunday of her visit, Brian was playing drums at the service and the Associate Pastor introduced them for the first time.  Though neither of them thought much of it then, it would seem God had other plans.

Though she loved her church in Alabama, Teri felt called back to Austin and accepted the position of Director of Children’s Ministry at Redeemer.  Shortly thereafter, she and Brian were both attending a friend’s musical and happened to sit with mutual friends.  Later that evening, the group played games at one of their apartments, and Teri and Brian got to see a little more of each other.  But still no obvious sparks flew.

Then, on March 6, Teri casually asked Brian if he was attending a Redeemer Lutheran Church fundraiser that night.  Brian hadn’t planned on it, but not wanting to leave her without any other single people her age, met her there.  It was at this event that Teri and Brian began to find themselves interested in each other, and where they danced together for the first time.

Brian had the routine of cooking a large meal every Monday night for dinner and work lunches.  He invited Teri to join him that evening.  She accepted, and thus they had their first date.  Despite Brian wearing a shirt that scared Teri that night (“Admiral Ackbar’s a good guy, and the shirt’s funny if you know Star Wars” Brian tried in vain to explain), she accepted his next invitation and their weekly “date night” tradition began.

Teri and Brian continued to spend time together on Monday evenings, and then on other occasions as well.  The evening before her 26th birthday, they took a Two Step dance class (Brian needed help) and that evening Brian gave her a rose along with wine and brownies for her birthday get-together the next evening.  That same weekend, Brian asked Teri’s dad for permission to date her. Their relationship was now “official!”

The rest, as they say, is history, one dotted with shared experiences and even a trip to see Rush (Brian’s favorite band) in Colorado (Teri’s treat!).  (Related anecdote: Brian’s ringtone is Tom Sawyer by Rush, and the first time it rang in Teri’s presence, she actually recognized and liked it!  Brian found this to be an auspicious sign.)

Their first kiss was overlooking the iconic Highway 360 bridge in Austin, which is where they later had their engagement pictures.

13 Responses to Story

  1. Carol says:

    this is really sweet! Blessings to both of you!!!!!!

    Rick and Carol from Decatur

  2. Julia says:

    I am so happy for you both. You are a blessing to each other and others. May God richly bless your union.

  3. Sue Kurz says:

    Aww – I love a good Love Story – and we love you!
    Doug and Sue

  4. Cathy Klein says:

    We are sooo happy for you, although we miss you terribly!!
    love you,
    bill and cathy

  5. Nitin says:

    Ah… So it all started from the church choir… That is wonderful… God bless you guys… :)

  6. Lindsey Lanoue says:

    Congratulations you two! Brian, you are getting a terrific girl! I noticed the brownies, are those still your fav? Can’t wait for the big day!

  7. Mike Zahnow says:

    Awesome and congrats! Teri, I wish you both the very best. Love the story, love the website and am grace infused by such a beautiful story that He is clearly the publisher. His peace on both of you in a journey that really rocks…life is about each other. Hold fast to that. All else will work itself out.

    Mike and Gail Zahnow

    • Tim Nitchen says:

      Teri and Brian, what an awesome website. We are all very happy and excited for you both. Sorry I missed you on your recent visit to Decatur. Brian I look forward to meeting you. Teri is a very special person in our lives. What a lucky man. And likewise, I’m sure she is very blessed to have met you. It was in Gods plans all along. Lindsay was excited to see her name on your site. Can’t wait for the wedding. Brian you have great taste in music. Rush rocks. Take care and God bless you both…Tim

  8. Nicole says:

    Congratulations, Teri!

  9. Jennifer Henderson says:

    Congratulation’s!I was so excited when I read the news in the church bulletin! It had been awhile since we had been, so obviously, I was getting the news late. Better late than never, right? I love your website and Brian looks like a really great guy! I hope that you bring him to Alabama to meet your St. Pauls family :) Miss you!! Gods Blessings to you and Brian :)

  10. Allison Firpo says:

    Lydia and I miss you so much!! We are so happy for you. I always knew you would meet a wonderful Christian Man!!! You deserve the Best. Always be yourself and your life will truly be Blessed. Sorry we missed you during your visit.
    God’s Blessing to you and Brian always!
    Allison and Lydia Firpo

  11. Colette Custer says:

    Those pictures are amazing. I love the idea of a wedding website.
    I’m so glad when two people found each other in this crazy world. I hope for wonderful things to continue to happen for you both.

  12. Sankara Muthukrishnan says:

    Hi Brian,
    A very nice love story and we’re happy for you. Also, a very well-designed web-site and awesome pictures. Congratulations to you and Teri for a great married life.
    -Suganya and Sankara